Replacing your commercial van springs and shock absorbers can certainly improve the handling of your van and make it look less like a van and more like a car.

VB-Air Suspension – Official Fitting Centre

VB-FullAir is an automatic, adjustable solution for suspension problems. The existing leaf or coil spring suspension is replaced with a full air suspension system. This system includes air springs, shock absorbers, height sensors, a compressor and an electronic control unit (VB-ASCU). The air suspension system filters out unevenness in the road surface, improving ride comfort.

While driving, the vehicle will constantly remain at the ride height set by VB-Airsuspension during installation. The driveability and stability of the vehicle are improved, which in turn increases safety. When the vehicle is at a standstill (in some cases with the handbrake on), the entry/loading platform height can be increased and decreased to comfortably enter and exit the vehicle and for goods to be conveniently loaded and unloaded.

Control panel options:

  • Preset Memory
  • Car park
  • Auto Level
  • Offroad
  • Sport

Benefits of VB-FullAir:

  • Constant ride height
  • Increased comfort
  • Optimum driveability
  • Increased stability
  • Comfortable ride for passengers
  • Kneeling function to facilitate easy entry and exit to/from the vehicle
  • Better protection for fragile/delicate goods
  • Kneeling function for convenient loading and unloading of goods
  • Less wear on tyres/brakes
  • More environmentally friendly, reduced CO2 emissions
  • Spare wheel remains under the vehicle

Available in a standard height and +30mm height variant.

Download data sheet

Exclusive Eibach UBERBUS Kit

Eibach producer of the finest performance springs which are standard Sportline kit have developed a kit exclusively for us at UBERBUS, the kit comprises of a 50mm lowering front spring with a rear adjustable spring (from their Pro Street coilovers) so you can set your perfect stance.

Put these with Bilstein B8 sports shocks for the perfect combo.

Springs and shocks


For a simple and more everyday drive drop then 40mm H&R or 30mm, 40mm or 50mm Eibach springs are more in line with what VW fit in their Sportline, these can be fitted with the original shock absorbers or upgraded sports shocks like Bilsteins.

Want to go higher? No problem, we have 30mm lift kits available for more of an off-road stance.


If you are after a more ‘how low can you go’ set up then we can supply and fit  V-maxx or Bilstein coilovers, which will give you full height adjustment and variable damping levels too.


Why not have your vehicle remapped whilst with us at our workshop. Your remap will be carried out by TH Performance who is a Pendle Performance agent, a certified TUV approved professional which ensures absolute quality.

We have chosen TH Performance to carry out this service on our behalf as he is part of a network of remapping agents who are the best in the country.

Pendle Performance are specialists in the performance tuning of engine management systems from cars, vans and also haulage HGV Vehicles.

TH performance’s aim is 100% total customer satisfaction which is in line with our ethos. He prides Himself on giving the highest degree of service to your vehicle.

The link between mechanical tuning and electronic tuning gives us and TH Performance the distinct advantage of being able to develop the best for your car and we specialize in tuning cars through the OBD (On Board Diagnostic) port.

This means that we can optimize your vehicles performance by uploading new software with more efficient values, resulting in higher performance, torque and even economy. This is an insurance approved modification with most insurers only adding a small (in most cases £25) premium to your insurance. You will recoup this through increased fuel savings in no time.

We will carry out a full VAGCOM diagnostic check before undertaking a remap to ensure your engine is free of any problems and if we detect problems we can agree to undertake the remedial work before we carry out the remap.

Should you not be happy with the remap we will restore your vehicle to its original setting and offer a 100% refund although no one has ever been unhappy with the remap to date.

So, when you book your vehicle in for a conversion why not unleash it’s potential and save fuel by letting us remap your vehicle ready for collection on completion of the conversion.