Q. Can you build lockers above the kitchen unit?

A. There is a dimension of 500mm clearance above the hob that is recommend by the manufactures for safe operation which leaves very little room for top cupboards, however we do install a very handy slimline shelf which is great for stashing your phones, iPods, books, keys, maps etc.

Q. Tailgate or Barn Doors?

A. It really is down to personal preference, whilst tailgates have always been more desirable due to the added shelter when the door is open and sleeker looks barn doors do also have their advantages. Tailgate: Shelter when door is open – better re-sale value – will take VW bike rack – sleeker design like California […]

Q. What is the best engine and gearbox?

A. This can depend on what conversion route you are heading down and to type of driving you a more likely to be doing but we recommend. Pre 2010 – 1.9L – 102ps – 5 speed: These are a good all rounder, cheaper to service and the most economical. Pre 2010 – 2.5L – 130ps […]