Beds and Seating

Rock and roll beds

If you wish to carry passengers in the back safely then we recommend a crash tested bed with 3 point seat belts.

We supply and fit Scopema RIB beds, BEBB and Reimo beds, all are available in different sizes and come with a certificate that will keep your insurance company happy. All come with headrests and can be trimmed to your specification.

Scopema RIB Altair 3P

Imported from France these full crash tested seat / beds are one of the most popular beds on the market and are the default seat / bed included in our conversions due to it's refined design and options available.

We are an approved fitting centre and use fitting methods in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions that wrap around the chassis cross members.

Sit on one side, sleep on the other - one of the main benefits of the RIB is you sit on the comfy contoured side of seat and due to it's three cushion design these flip over to reveal a perfectly flat 6ft (1840mm) bed. Longer rear cushion is an optional extra.

Small footprint - with a base frame measuring just a little over 700mm long the RIB uses the very little floor space which means there is still a decent boot space behind it which can be split by the rear cushion to make a parcel shelf.

Incremented clutch system - both the rear and front cushions can be locked in multiple positions which can be handy to level out the bed should you be parked on an incline or to sit up in bed to watch a movie.

Each seated positions has a 3 point seatbelt. 4 - 6 week waiting time as made to order.


  • Sizes: 104, 112, 120, 130 and 150cm
  • Upholstered at the factory in fabrics, vinyl and leather :Bentley, Jaguar, Land Rover, Porsche and Ferrari available
  • Built in arm and head rests
  • 3D overlay for extra comfort on the bed
  • 200mm sliding mechanism to increase living space
  • Sliding on VW rails with UBERBUS Flux 

3D Overlay

3D mattress overlay with the healthy ISO 3D network structure is your guarantee of outstanding sleeping conditions. 3D consists of a patented 3D network structure which prevents the mattress warming up. The three dimensional multi-net allows excess heat and moisture to escape out the sides. This makes for a balanced and consistent level of warmth in the bed, ideal for comfortable, uninterrupted sleep.

The material's flexibility with its unique orthopedic cushioning provides optimal anatomic body support in every position. The massaging effect of the 3D mattress overlay complements the agreeable effect on the spine. The cushioning and flexibility are both designed for durability.


The most popular seating for transporter made by Reimo is the Variotech 3000, this seat is available in different widths and has the option to be fitted to floor rails.

Front seat swivels

Swivel bases are available for drivers and for both passenger single and double seats to open up the living space in your conversion.  A safe swivel base is also available for single seats to keep your valuables safe.

Kombi and additional seating

Should you wish to just add additional seating to the rear of your van then we can fit either VW OEM seats or aftermarket seating which are removable.

Kombi beds

These make a great edition to transfer your Kombi in to a camper, these are completely removable when you need to make your van in to a van again.

RIB Altair 3P