Electrical and I.C.E.

We have the power! ... Here at überbus we can install simple split charge systems to just run your lights and fridge to full on all singing all dancing power management systems that will control all your power needs whilst out in the field.

Having a leisure battery means you never have to worry about running your vehicle starter battery flat.

Here are some of the more popular electrics we install:

  • LED lighting
  • Split charge systems
  • 240V hook-up
  • Sargent power supply units
  • CBE power management units
  • Leisure batteries
  • 12V sockets
  • USB charging sockets
  • 240V sockets
  • Parking Sensors
  • Reading Lights
  • Flip down DVD / TV
  • Stereo upgrades
  • Speaker upgrades
  • VW DAB aerial installations
  • Front door and rear speaker upgrades

We only use motorhome specific plugs, sockets and control panels so no unsightly white plastic domestic boxes everywhere, just stylish surrounds which are available in different colours to match the edging trim.


We offer a full range of headunits including original VW units as well as OEM compatible units from manufactures of Kenwood, Alpine and Pioneer.


Let us custom build and sound environment for your listening pleasure, anything from simple speaker upgrades from the likes of Ground Zero, Alpine, Kenwood, Focal, Hertz and JLAudio and Match digital sound processors that will even make an OEM headunit sound outstanding all the way up to a fully immersive multimedia experience.

Power Distribution

Sargent EC155 - The EC155 is a compact 155W power supply unit and charger and incorporates the following features. RCD & 3x MCB mains output protection, 155w Electronic Charger / Converter -Battery input fuses, multiple output fuses, built in charging which can charge both vehicle or leisure batteries. This PSU interfaces directly with the EC50 Control Panel.

Sargent EC50 Control Panel - The EC50 is a compact control panel that has the following features;  LED logic control panel, 5 LED bar graph for battery voltage, Battery protect automatic cut-off (both batteries), Pump control with pump active indication, Lighting circuit power control via dedicated switch (lights are connected direct to the PSU), Easy selection between leisure and vehicle batteries.

The outer trim can be matched to the CBE sockets and switches.

Solar Panels

This a very popular addition to any conversion and we can calculate your power consumption requirements and choose a panel and change controller to enable you to run the fridge and 12V appliances indefinitely without the need for 240V hook-up. These come with dual battery controllers so it will first give priority to the leisure battery then switch over to the starter battery which is very handy you've had your stereo on or if you will be leaving your van parked up when your not using it.