Our focus at UBERBUS is to produce some of the most stunning and inspirational interiors for our customers.

We have sourced some of the finest leather and fabrics available from the likes of Muirhead (finest scottish leather), UKHide, Alcantara, Warwick Fabrics, Yarwoods, CrestJMT, Bentley and Jaguar so we can tailor make any interior to suit any style or tastes.

Leather Swatch


Our supplier of seating fabric can source pretty much any seating patterns and colours from past right up to modern cars, so if you really liked the seats in that old Mrk 1 Golf you used to own then there is a good chance we can source it.


The word “vinyl” brings to mind the hard, shiny materials right out of a 50’s diner but vinyl has come a long way. Some vinyl material so closely resemble leather that sometimes it’s difficult to tell them apart. It goes without saying leather is a highly superior product over vinyl material and will last longer if well maintained, however if you're on a budget then vinyl is an attractive alternative.